Grandstand Arena Kelly Building at Westmoreland Fairgrounds Kelly Building
Peoples Gas Grandstand Arena has 100,000 sq. ft.seats 5000 people. Kelly Bldg has 12000 sq ft. Sawdust Floor.
Banquet Hall Westmoreland Fairgrounds 4H Building Commercial 2
4-H Banquet Hall-formally known as 4-H building has 3920 sq. ft.
Building has restrooms and kitchen and can seat 200 comfortably.
Com #2 has 6000 sq. ft.

Concrete Floor.

Commercial 1 Commercial 1
Com #1 has 7780 sq. ft.  Concrete Floor. Family Living Bldg has 6400 sq. ft. Concrete Floor.
Junior Livestock Building Exterior Junior Livestock Building Exterior
Junior Livestock Building  6000 sq. ft. Concrete Floor
Barns Front Sale Barn
Barns – Front Barns – Back Sale Barn Interior
General Store Old West Building First Aid Building
General Store (Old West Building) General Store (Old West Building) First Aid
Central Gate South Gate Main Gate
Central Gate
Looking Toward Grass Parking
South Gate
Looking Towards Grass Parking Area
Main Gate Looking toward Grass Parking
and Main Road
Parking Parking Parking
Paved Parking – North Paved Parking – Center Paved Parking – South
Pavillion 1 Pavillion 2 Southgate Restrooms.
Pavilion One Pavilion Two Southgate Restrooms


Westmoreland County Venue Rental

Westmoreland Fairgrounds is a fantastic venue for events in Westmoreland County, PA. Rent the fairgrounds for:

  • Car Shows
  • Horse Shows
  • Dog Shows
  • Racing & Motocross
  • Demolition Derby
  • Craft Shows
  • Concerts
  • Benefits
  • Weddings
  • Banquets
  • Family Reunions
  • Employee Training
  • Expos
  • Craft Shows
  • Agricultural Events
  • Festivals

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Did You Know?

Did you know that you can rent Westmoreland Fairgrounds for your event? From weddings and reunions to craft shows, concernts, and arena events - the Westmoreland Fairgrounds are available all year long. Learn more about Scheduled Events or Rentals

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